I Am a “Mindful Yogini”

January 5, 2009 at 9:34 am | Posted in little bits of nothingness | 1 Comment

Mindful Yogi
You Are a Mindful Yogi!
You no doubt are very conscientious about your Yoga practice. You practice regularly and you want to make extra sure you are doing the poses correctly. You give a lot of thought to your practice – on ways you can improve it, on the philosophical aspect, on breathing and focus. You probably own a number of books on Yoga. Your assets are your detailed mind and your precision – you don’t miss a thing! You need to work on seeing the bigger picture – sometimes you can’t see the universe for the stars. The type of Yoga that would suit you best would most likely be Iyengar, or one of its offshoots, like Anusara.

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  1. No surprise but:

    You Are a Fitness Yogi!
    Whether you see it as spiritual or not, you came to Yoga first and foremost for its physical benefits – the added flexibility, increased energy and overall sense of well-being. You like a challenge in life and in your Yoga practice. Your assets are your willingness to work hard at your practice and your exuberance. You need to work on your concentration so you can discover the stillness within you. The more physical styles of Yoga appeal most to you – Power Yoga, Bikram and Flow. You love Vinyasas such as Sun Salutation and its variations. Ashtanga would probably give you the best of both the spiritual and physical aspects of Yoga.

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