My Own Words Coming Back at Me

March 28, 2010 at 3:03 pm | Posted in compassion and connection, inspiration, practice off the mat | 5 Comments

(Hey! I’m still here! Didja miss me?)

I’ve been feeling like I’m on the verge of something for a while now, and the truth of it is that I’m probably on the verge of a lot of somethings. For the purposes of this post, though, I’m going to talk about something very specific.

I, like everyone else who’s ever lived, have heard my elders complain as they watched me eat whatever I wanted to no ill effect. “Just you wait,” they’d tell me. “Once you hit 35, your body’s going to betray you.”

Well, I don’t know if I’d call it a betrayal, exactly, but I do know that, in this stage of my life (the 40-something stage), the rules of the game have definitely changed.

I’ve been thinking for a while now about the condition of my physical being and recognizing that the events in the last year or so of my life have not been conducive to the healthiest me I could be. I spent most of last year on the couch at my mother’s bedside, and my level of physical activity since she died hasn’t increased much (though, to be fair, my level of activity goes down when the weather gets cold, anyway; don’t think that I’m blaming my current state on my mother, because I’m not).

My observation is that human beings don’t effect change until things get “bad enough” that the status quo can’t – or shouldn’t – be maintained. I’m pretty sure that I’ve gotten to that point, and I’ve been doing the typical stressing that I do before something gives. I’ve become far more aware of the fact that I don’t “do” anything – that is, I’m not moving my body around nearly as much as is probably healthy. I’m reminded, every work day, that I’m not in very good shape as I huff and puff my way up the five floors of stairs I climb to get to school. I have noticed that my clothes don’t fit the way they used to, and I’m starting to get self-conscious about the way I look.

I was talking about this to my Weeble after yoga class today. He’s someone I can bitch to about this stuff because he gets it; he isn’t going to give me that “just make the time” crap because he has a job and a wife and a son and a life, too, and he knows that it’s not always that easy to take time for yourself when you’re intimately tied to other people. Anyway, just a few minutes ago, this popped up in my inbox:


We are all so fortunate to have you and your words every week. Based on our conversation today, it is fitting that the spirit of your words reflects back to you…

There are things in all of us we don’t like. It is OK to have self-critical thoughts but always try to be patient and kind to yourself. Celebrate those things that you do so well and use those positive feelings to propel you forward in areas that you feel need improvement. Ask friends what they do. Try something you’ve never done. If that is not fun or effective, try something else. Be discouraged, laugh it off and bounce back.

Be happy for the journey even if the destination seems unreachable.


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THIS is why I keep teaching this class (the only one I teach at the health club. I’m pretty sure I spend more in gas to get there and back than I earn a week). In it, I have a strong, supportive, loving community to remind me to be kind to myself and that doing what I can is enough.

I think I’m the fortunate one in this story….



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  2. As you already know, I am in in the process of getting healthier. I don’t want those few extra pounds to become twenty extra pounds when I’m not looking. I also am eating better. The Girl has me eating whole wheat pasta and drinking chocolate soy milk. Can you believe it?

    • The whole wheat pasta isn’t a great sacrifice – we’ve been eating that for a while now – but the soy milk is a big deal. I wouldn’t be let back in the house with that stuff…

      The scale says I need to get rid of 10 pounds. My goal is to evict them before they invite 10 more friends to this little party….

  3. When I turned 40, I tore my hamstring playing soccer with my kid’s soccer team that I was coaching at the time. We had a parents vs. kids game, and I turned to guard a particularly fast kid, heard the pop, and immediately knew what happened and just sat down and said, “someone get me a bag of ice, quick!” Sat in it the rest of the day, hobbled on crutches and a cane for weeks after.

    Yeah, it’s tougher when you get older. But, at 51, we now train with a trainer at the gym and I can lift more weight than ever, work without getting hurt, etc — until I stumble on an unlit step and twist my foot…. still recovering from that one right now. But also helping build block walls in the yard and hauling around gravel, dirt, block, etc. It slows me down, but I keep moving!

  4. I certainly understand being busy but I just feel better by exercising so it’s one of those things for me that *has* to be done.

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